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Rob Cruz Illinois's 3rd congressional district


If Not Now, When?

Rob Cruz's mission is simple: Put our children, communities and state first over the blinding, cynical politics that pits neighbor against neighbor in an endless, downward spiral of hate. Rob Cruz looked death in the face while fighting cancer for four years of his life. Cruz saw firsthand how low a person can go. But he's here to tell you that tomorrow will always be better. Tomorrow, we can win the day. Tomorrow, we can reconcile our differences while bettering our community. And tomorrow, we can move forward together.


If you believe in making Illinois the priority over Washington politics, then join Rob Cruz in this journey to serve as your next Illinois's 3rd congressional district candidate. The political game is changing and so must the players, if we want to ensure our state finally focuses on our neighbors and instead of the whims and greed of politicians who don’t even live here.

Rob Cruz Illinois's 3rd congressional district


Why I'm running for U.S. Congress (IL-6)

After 18 consecutive months of being locked in our homes, Rob Cruz realized the enormity of the grip within which our government holds our lives. 

As a father and school board member, he could not stand idle and allow his child's education, growth, and well-being continue to be used as a political football in a game amongst elected officials.

It's time leaders step forward & fight to preserve this great nation. As a husband, father, cancer survivor and small business owner, Rob Cruz will fight for not only our children, but every single Illinoian.

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Rob Cruz Illinois's 3rd congressional district


Candidate for U.S. Congress (IL-6)

A Joliet native, Rob Cruz graduated from Providence Catholic High School where he led the team to two state championship football titles as its quarterback. Following graduation, Rob attended Millikin University and the University of Dubuque, studying business administration.


After settling in Oak Lawn with his wife and daughter, Rob’s entrepreneurial spirit blossomed and he founded a construction and development business that employs dozens of local Illinoians.


In 2020, Cruz co-founded the GOP Jamboree, an organization dedicated to attracting younger people to the Republican Party through song and culture. He was also recruited to work on the VOTE NO campaign, a grassroots initiative that would block Illinois politicians from burdening already-stressed residents with higher tax burdens. 


Rob, who is currently serving a four-year term on the Oak Lawn Community High School District 229 board, is not afraid to fight. On August 20, 2021, Rob filed suit against Gov. Pritzker to restrict his abuse of power and governmental overreach as to regulating schools through Executive Order 2021-18.


It’s time to restore Christian-based values in Congress and fight for what’s right for We the People.

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